YellowBricks IO

A short landing page project by bespoke design. Bespoke Design Web Development Web hosting

Samsung Careers Israel

A quick project featuring an API integration with Comeet systems for HR management. Operating a quick and easy solution to recruit local candidates. Web Hosting  Host Security Process Automation System Management Bespoke Design

Kenes Exhibitions

A long term partner, dealing in world-wide events and exhibitions – from cyber security to biomedical expertise and down to agricultural efforts. Each event gets its own designed website, it’s own system for registering corporations and supporters and of course maintenance and support through development of future projects. Website Management and IT Web Development Process […]

Aisrael Events

A local NPO devoted to helping Accessibility models be implemented in local businesses. Offered support, development and maintenance for existing wordpress applications. Web Development Web Hosting System Maintenance


Multiple API configurations for an office-automation solution. This small office, high-end project of procuring and offering custom-made tours for small to medium groups is a venture that had been developed from the ground up to automate broad parts of the work. From marketing, importing and exporting data in manageable bits. API integration Business process analytics […]


Development from the ground up of a website – including specialized search system. Each project with it’s own designer and each Designer with a listed amount of projects. Including individual content creation and communication per Designer. Deployed over a dedicated server and served with constant updates. Website Development Marketing Asset Development System Maintenance Web Hosting


Website reconstruction and rebuilding of an eCommerce venture to specifications. Clearing and cleaning existing code to support current marketing drives. Website Maintenance Website Reconstruction eCommerce Support and Development  Web Hosting

Acting as the in-house programming solution for all things web – from speedy landing pages, designer-made pixel-perfect marketing solutions and down to simple routine maintenance. is an ongoing project forwarded to many related projects. Website Maintenance Website construction Project-Based Development Marketing Asset Development Product Asset Development Web Hosting